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$2.75 flag drop / $2.75 per mile /
$38 per hour waiting time (not charter) 
Taximeter operates on time and mileage. On mileage when the cab is moving
and on time when cab is sitting still (waiting time).

Fare is per taxicab not per passenger.

Effective August 1, 2021, Alaska Yellow Dispatch
mileage rate will increase to $2.75 per mile.

+Car Start/Battery Jump Service*

  • Anchorage    $30

  • Chugiak        $60

  • Eagle River   $50 

  • Girdwood      $60

*Fee is for the attempt, whether the car starts or not

+Car Unlock/Slim Jim

  • Anchorage    $40

  • Chugiak        $80

  • Eagle River   $60 

  • Girdwood      $80


Vehicle Services

+Wheelchair Accessible Vans

+5-Passenger Seats  

+6-Passenger Seats



+4x4 Vehicles

+Drivers with JBER Access

+Children's Seats (Infant, Child, Booster)


+Prebooked Calls

Travel Needs 

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